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Wayward Bear

Once upon a time, in a world quite absurd,
A wayward bear roamed, his stomach quite perturbed.
He wandered and searched, in alleys and streets,
For a morsel to eat, a sweet little treat.

But the world he found was strange and unkind,
Full of human traps, hard to escape or unwind.
He stumbled and fell, through trash and debris,
As people gawked and laughed, "Look at that silly bear, hehe!"

The bear didn't mind, he just wanted some grub,
And he didn't care where, or how dirty the hub.
He raided a dumpster, and found a stale pie,
And gobbled it up, with a happy little sigh.

But as he roamed on, with a full belly in tow,
He realized he was lost, with nowhere to go.
He missed the forest, the streams and the trees,
And longed for the life, where he lived with such ease.

The moral of the story, if you care to hear,
Is that sometimes our choices, aren't always quite clear.
We get lost in the moment, and forget what we know,
And end up in places, where we don't want to go.

So let's be kind to each other, and to all creatures great and small,
And remember that sometimes, we all stumble and fall.
And if you see a wayward bear, just looking for food,
Maybe offer a hand, and a little bit of good.

Bear garbage can

Tim Gorski 2023


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