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Poetry By Carl Porten

We're The Same...

Board the ride.
Itís leaving soon,
seat belts on,
before we move.

Enjoy your travel,
but please I ask,
letís not make this trip,
our final and last.

There are rules to follow,
as all things we do,
hereís only one rule,
to let love shine though.

Choose with compassion,
the needs that we feel,
and watch careful the road
with both hands on the wheel.

As driver sometimes,
our passengers' needs,
are left overlooked,
taking corners full speed.

Peek in your rear view,
aní please hit the brakes,
donít leave others to pay,
for our driving mistakes.

An exhilarating feeling
driving so fast,
but the thrill aní excitement,
all ends when you crash.

Leaving poor souls there,
who boarded your ride,
dead aní if not,
with tears in their eyes.

From cuts and bruises,
and tormented pains,
as you failed to slow down,
again aní again.

When all that they asked,
those travelling with you,
was decide with your heart
the things that you do.

Aní drive with love,
fueled with pride,
aní see weíre the same,
through compassionate eyes.


Poetry © 2022 Carl Porten

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