We Will
By M. Butterfly Katz
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

We Will
By M. Butterfly Katz

We will always be mindful of spreading the word,
that the vegan ideal is the best we have heard.
Our love for the animals will guide what we say-
We will express what we know in a gentle way.
We will be the example of the truth that we teach,
so that people can witness the heights they can reach.
By maintaining our bodies in excellent health,
we exemplify a vegan's bountiful wealth.

We will share all the plant foods that vegans can eat;
all the vibrant colors; both savory and sweet.
With our food and our stamina being so good,
people will see that they haven't understood
how important it is for our diet to evolve,
and the planetary problems we could resolve.
For the vegan concept will magically bring
a multitude of benefits to everything.

We will strive to expand our heartfelt compassion
until loving animals is world-wide fashion.
We won't pay for by-products like "blood and bone",
but will make our gardens "veganically" grown.
We will read the ingredients before we buy
Our dollars won't ask for an animal to die.
We will oppose cruelty with each passing year
until all the animals can live free of fear.

We won't give up until that longed-for day arrives
when it's inconceivable to exploit other lives.
There will come a time, when people will wonder how,
man could earn his "living" by slaughtering a cow.
We will bring about a gentle and new age
where the innocent are free from all human rage.
We will be vegan and usher in a world of peace,
heading for that time when speciesism will cease.

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