By Janet Riddle

No more pretending, it's time to know
why won't you acknowledge you hurt us so?
We are defenseless and you are so strong
so how could we have done you wrong?

Your wrath is laid with a knife or gun
yet you say we're the ones that can't reason?
To comfort our terror, you seldom try
how can you so easily justify?

You're never around when we die
why can't you look us in the eye?
We scream and you cover each ear
why do so few of you care to hear?

Why when we're struggling to stay alive
we need you the most and you don't arrive?
Our death is caused by your own distant hand
why couldn't you have just made a stand?

You somehow accept most any deed
but won't you get bad crop if you plant bad seed?
You use and take our lives at your will
isn't that called stealing still?

Our lives are taken for only your gain
isn't it your hands that our blood has stained?
You have the control of your every choice
why won't you hear us and lend us your voice?