Wild Horse Destiny By Craig Downer
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Wild Horse Destiny
By Craig Downer

Something there is of Destiny
that calls to me
in the wild horse
who runs so free
upon the remotest
desert and plain,
mountain range
or valley green,
for there is a Rightness here
and an ancestral precedence
dating back millions of years!

Surely this egotistical upstart
called civilized man
shall not be allowed
to extinguish
either this powerfully beautiful line
of ascent from ancient times,
or that by-God-valued Freedom
without which
the very soul of Horsekind
would be denied.

… And there is something implicit here too
in the very Destiny of all we call “the West”
that affirms: “Without wild horses
free to roam the vast unfenced expanses,
the West itself its very soul would lose!”
May Heaven forbid!
Praise God!

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