Will You Respond?
By Lance Landall

Imagine our heavenly Father talking to someone,
A human, a Christian, a male, He addresses as, son:

“I see you’ve been out hunting, son” “Yes, Father, I’ve just returned.”
“You don’t mind do You, Father?” “Well, son, I am very concerned.
I didn’t create creatures for humans to kill for sport,
And nowhere in My Holy Word is such a thinking taught.”

“But I also eat them, Father.” “You mean, as a last resort?”
“No...I do have other food I can eat...see what I’ve bought?”
“Yes, I can. Then you’ve not a need for creatures, have you, son?”
“Well...no, Father, not really.” “So it’s plainly desire and fun?”

“Well...I guess so, Father.” “You do enjoy hunting, don’t you, son?”
“Well...yes, Father, I do — and in that sense, I guess it’s fun.”
“But not so in My eyes, son, and nor should it be in yours,
Besides, it’s not necessary, and, humans are herbivores.”

“You’re not designed for eating flesh, son — it will make you ill,
It will shorten your life, and history just parallel.
You see, after its introduction, human life span decreased,
And physical and mental illness rapidly increased.”

“At the time, humans were told not to eat the blood or fat,
But that was largely ignored, son, and now look where they’re at.
They’ve also been eating creatures that I said not to eat,
As some cause greater illness — though all meat, health will deplete.”

“Flesh was not the original diet I gave humans, son,
So surely logic tells you that such you’d be wise to shun.
But as for killing for sport, not real need, but just for fun,
That’s a warped desire — clearly sin, when all is said and done.”

“You were created in My image to love and to care,
To show compassion to ALL living things that I’ve placed here.
To be merciful and kind, to preserve life, not take it,
And to never act outside of that which I might permit.”

“No true child of Mine will get a kick out of killing, son,
And nor will they take pleasure in owning some sort of gun.
That distasteful love for hunting comes from the evil one,
Who well before your time, cruelty and killing had begun.”

“If you truly love Me, son, you’ll stop that killing right now,
There’s other food available, and you’ve gardening know-how.
Yes, follow My pre-Fall diet — that is, the Edenic one,
And all unhealthy food and beverages wisely shun.”

“The concessions made post-Fall, are often misunderstood,
And therefore, misapplied, abused — skipping what’s better, what’s good.
And that’s why you should study with an open heart and mind,
For only that way, son, the truth of the matter you’ll find.”

“When I first created creatures, they weren’t there for eating,
Nor for experimenting on, caging, plain mistreating.
They had the same rights as you — the right to life, love and care,
And the same surroundings, peace and happiness, were to share.”

“That’s how I want things to be again, and you can play a part
By not hurting, killing, eating creatures — thus, making a start.
I’m into restoration, I’ll be reversing the Fall,
And I want you, son — everyone — to respond to this call.”