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Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Poetry By Mango Wodzak

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Hi everyone,

My nameís Mango Wodzak and I entered the world, this time in England 1961, Iíve been a vegan since the 1980s after a sudden realisation that I no longer wished to be supportive of animal exploitation and the inherent cruelty which is always part and parcel of that industry. It was as if I awoke from a troubled, nightmarish sleep and found myself with a bloodied butcherís knife in my hand. I knew immediately that veganism was a lifetime commitment for me.

Several years after fully embracing this lifestyle and philosophy it occurred to me that being vegan, although an incredibly important first step, was simply not enough to save this planet from all the harm and destruction which our species wantonly inflicts upon her. I have attempted with all sincerity to find ways to reduce harm going beyond standard veganism, and to that end now live a very simple back to nature lifestyle planting and caring for fruit trees. I have christened this extension of veganism as Eden Fruitarianism, the subject of which I have now written two books about, along with a third book which focuses on my own life and the circumstances behind the revelations I feel have been gifted with.

The idea of fruitarianism will likely seem a little extreme and ridiculous to many people, but there is sound reasoning behind this philosophy which I do my utmost to try and explain to readers of my books. It makes so much sense to be using trees as a principle source of food instead of focusing on mono crops of grains and cereals which are all unavoidably destructive. I also think itís very important to realise that of all the foods on this planet, the only one which is truly given and has the potential to be 100% void of karmic debt, is fruit. Pick a carrot, and you end its life cycle, pick an apple and the tree lives on and need not incur any harm.

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