Poetry by Diana Moreton
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Poetry by Diana Moreton

Take me back to a child's fresh heart
to find feelings of compassion again
before indoctrination commenced
before values mattered more than beliefs

Remember when colors of animals we drew
had primary feelings?
Culture taught us to scribble kindness out
we erased compassion to appease colloquial

Abject horror brims in subconscious minds
God forbid we make the connection
what counterfeit Christianity taught us
would go up in smoke with the holy ghost

Religions create god in their own image
are Christians ready for a compassionate

Friend of man and animal, from the beginning
in the womb, the manger, with the lowly ass

Moral psychic sensibility lies frozen
next to lamb chops, pork chops and ribs
you hope to feel again for animals some day
tend to no other species now but your own

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