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A Wombat's Delight

In the tent at night, a camper slept tight,
With a rucksack full of food, oh what a delight!
But lurking nearby, with a waddle and a hop,
Was a cheeky wombat, ready to stop.

The camper snored on, unaware of the foe,
Until a rustling sound made him wake up, oh no!
He saw the wombat, with eyes full of greed,
Trying to sneak away with his rucksack's feed.

The camper leaped up, with a shout and a scream,
And the wombat turned around, looking quite mean.
With teeth bared and claws out, they charged at each other,
In a battle for food that would make their mothers shudder.

The camper swung first, full of might,
But the wombat dodged and weaved, staying out of sight.
Then the wombat attacked, with a furry flurry,
And the camper stumbled, feeling quite blurry.

They grappled and wrestled, rolling around,
With the rucksack between them, making a loud sound.
And just when it seemed like the wombat would win,
The camper pulled out a snack, and offered it in.

The wombat stopped, surprised and confused,
And the camper smiled, feeling quite amused.
They sat and they shared, under the moon's light,
And the camper realized, the wombat was alright.

So now they're friends, that camper and wombat,
Sharing food and good times, without any combat.
And if you ever see them, in the tent at night,
Just know that they're happy, and feeling quite alright.

Wombat picnic

Tim Gorski 2023


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