They Wonder
By Janet Riddle, from Animal Rights Online

They wonder why we're always spending
so much precious time defending
In such a world that justifies
the labeling of "necessary" cries

They wonder why we won't relent
in trying to stop us - their money spent
When the world just wants to stay
the self-righteous way it is today

They wonder why we're up so late
those nights when things just can't wait
The choice-less need our iron will
we have their despair to answer still

They wonder why we spend our money
when kindness costs and disregard is free
In this world filled with lies and greed
You'll someday get back the actions you seed

They wonder why we try and make them see
with eyes sealed tight they disagree
The humans with greed have regressed
while still believing they are blessed

They wonder why we force their ear
still they manage to ignore what they hear
Yet the voiceless will get our clear word
change will come when the truth is heard

As they wonder, there's no stopping time
eventually their actions will be a crime
Fight as they will, but it won't be much longer
the animal movement keeps getting stronger