World Order
By J. Alexander Kerns
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

World Order
By J. Alexander Kerns (1893-1975)

SOME day Man's world will be complete,
And all his days be spent
In "Brotherhood" and "Justice" meet--
In smooth and smug content.

All other Life will be extinct
Save such as Man still needs
To keep His royal middle cinct,
To gorge Him, when He feeds.

Nor Wars be but remembered more
As Strange, Historic Sins:
--How nice it is to live Before
The Promised Age begins!

Submitted to and originally published on Animal Rights Online by YoŽl L. Arbeitman, PhD, [email protected]. The poem was written in 1944 (his poems privately published, Newark, NJ, 1946). He was an avid animal rights person way back when and frequently had letters in Staten Island newspapers in NYC.

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