Would God
By Janet Riddle

Our eating of flesh - a habit to break
a change most aren't willing to make
For all the dead, few have wept
Our morbid greed - would God accept?

We leave the slaying to anyone but us
so the killing continues without a fuss
This slaughter most will never see
does this justify - would God agree?

Lives capable of agony and fear
still we torture billions every year
We say they're here to serve as food
but from compassion - would God exclude?

We pray to make our meal whole
Thank you God for this life we stole
"Thou shalt not kill", we must confess
this merciless death - would God bless?

Peace and harmony is what we should seek
but we abuse those who are weak
This unrelenting selfishness we have shown
ask yourself - would God condone?