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Animal Rights Poetry By NoŽl Sweeney

Written in Water

Burn the blue moon so it cries in the sky
Sell our soul while the whole world starts to fry
Chase the last polar bear with blood-lust eyes
Our false valentine of death in disguise

The stream dries and dies before our eyes
Poisoned by all our phoney leaders' lies
Our world plunges towards destinyís cell
For this time the chime strikes our own death knell

Icebergs melt on the horizon
When the heat keeps on rising
The polar bear is caught in our stormís eye
Then hung out to dry
Left to starve and die
Like our lambs we lead to the slaughter
The killing seas begin the flood
While our fate bathes in their blood
Our future is forged and written in water

Red clouds of dust smother our mother earth
Much too late to count the cost of her worth
While our planet is taking its last breath
Our kiss steals her life by our Judas death 

© Noel Sweeney, 2023


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