Yes, Addicted
By Lance Landall
An Animal Rights Poem from

Yes, Addicted
By Lance Landall

I firmly believe that many are addicted to meat,
Hence why this unhealthy food they're continuing to eat.
And why they're often hostile to those who're saying, "Refrain,"
Embracing instead, the meat industry's misleading campaign.

The proof? When forced to go without their meat -- they find it hard,
Like smokers, who both cigarettes and smoking try to discard.
Yes, they still hanker for their meat, and over its loss, complain,
Which just goes to show (prove) how hard they find it to "refrain."

You see, they've acquired a taste for meat, which has taken hold,
Yes, a habit, an addiction, not wanting to be controlled.
One that attempts to justify the need for meat -- a lie,
For meat isn't needed, and it kisses good health goodbye.

Yes, old habits die hard, but as they say, "No pain, no gain,"
'Though in this case -- breaking such a habit -- frees one from pain.
For there's evidence that shouts that flesh food isn't healthy
And that it's flesh food's worst properties that make it tasty.

Well, tasty to some, that is -- who are held within its grip,
And who via strong opposition, their addiction let slip.
Yes, for if it were not so, they would not act as they do,
But rather, weigh the evidence, and then, what's best pursue.

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