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This rocky path I don't walk alone
if only earlier I had known
A path less traveled, full of other's despair
I once denied you yet you are there

I see so much that bleeds my heart
sometimes it threatens to tear me apart
In a world of cruelty and life so unfair
you show me the way and you are there

The screams of the suffering fill my ears
I speak for those voiceless and no one hears
It's hard to make a difference when so few care
you keep my chin up because you are there

Down by the stream of tears I've cried
my reflection reveals you at my side
Sharing my tear you help me bare
in my sadness, you are there

When at my weakest I couldn't stand
your grace gently pillowed my land
It is your faith in me in those times of ware
that lift me back up when you are there

Just as you have always taken the weaker side
for all living being's to whom life is denied
Bloody hands and greed stench the air
my path lies before me and you are there

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