You Ate My Mother
By Anonymous
An Animal Rights Poem from

You Ate My Mother
By Anonymous

My mama taught me life
She taught me right from wrong
She taught me how to live life through
And I miss her now she's gone

We used to sit in the sunshine
Nature glowing everywhere
Oh why has this cruel world taken her
When the flowers are still there?

I went and sat on that mound tonight
Where we would watch the dying light

"Why did it have to happen so soon?"
I scream my anger at the moon

I never told her what she meant
I hope she inside knew
But I guess it's the same for everyone
Pride turns your heart to goo

I curse the land
I curse the sky
I curse her even
Though I don't know why

But most of all
I curse all of you
For I'd still have my mother
If it wasn't for you


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