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Your voice, little lamb...

I feel unease, in moment.
Like a voice going nowhere,
Little lamb.

Am I unheard?
Drowned out with clatter of plates
And smacking of lips,
Little lamb.

I fidget and twitch.
To voice the—voiceless,
Little lamb.

My desperation in
Eyes of watery lens.
A mere flicker compared to your suffering,
Little lamb.

No personal despair,
And cycle of hurt for me,
Little lamb.

And no right to be truly heard
And seen,
Little lamb.

So, I write and rasp,
Raw thought words
And dream of better days, for you,
Little lamb.

Your voice,
Once choked and silent.
Now unbound and free,
Little lamb.

little Lamb

© 2023 J.H. Dickinson

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