Poetry By John CannonBaby, It's Cold Outside
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Baby, It's Cold Outside
By John Cannon

The small black cat,
snuggled up in her cozy bed,

looks at us with disdain
as we suit up in the big coats.

She’s a veteran
of a rough outdoor life,

now happily ensconced
in warmth and pampering.

But for us,
we know
we must go out,

not just to keep moving,
to keep somewhat healthy,

but because
(despite the frigid cold
and heavy gray overcast)

we have learned,
again and again,

that if we get outside
of our own heads,

if we really look and listen
and pay close attention,

every moment
in the outside world


Today ―
against all odds ―

two birds
we hardly ever see,

even posing
to our complete surprise
and absolute

Hermit Thrush eating Redcedar fruit

Golden-crowned Kinglet in Virginia Pine

And then,
as we saunter home,

the whole sky
blossoms with light ―

a lovely end

to a joyful walk.

Winter Sunset in the Shenandoah Valley

Images by Sharon Fisher

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