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Baby Steps
By John Cannon

Throughout human history
We have been
at each others’ throats.

Perhaps it started as squabbles
over food and mates
and grew, topsy-turvy, into
senseless violence and
Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD).

And throughout human history
the wise among us
ave given the same simple counsel ―

the only ways to end this insanity
are “peace not war”
and “love not hate.”

But we seem unable
to make this happen.

Few argue with
the words of the wise,

but far fewer are able
to put these words into everyday practice.

Perhaps we need much easier steps
to begin the journey
toward these goals,

like paying attention to one another,
and seeing each other as unique individuals

rather than as members of some labeled group.

This baby step
could change the world,

and someday, maybe,
our children and grandchildren

will take the next step
of listening deeply to
what others say and feel ―

others as individuals
not others as members
of some labeled group.

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