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Blah, blah
By John Cannon

Blah, blah, crisis
Blah, blah, disaster
Blah, blah, arrogance
Blah, blah, ignorance
Blah, blah, selfishness
Blah, blah, hate and fear.

Meanwhile . . .

the small bird
eats each seed

so delicately,

so carefully,

rolling it on his tongue
so gently,
to remove the husk,


just to be


So I stop ――

to watch the bird.

I watch the bird

and all the blah, blah,
the blah, blah
the blah, blah

in my head


like a puff of smoke
in the wind,

and I smile

and smile some more,


just to be


Titmouse - Image by Sharon Fisher

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