Poetry By John CannonBloodlust
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By John Cannon

Throughout the year
these morally-deficient

play with their guns
and other destructive toys,

stalking, killing and maiming
innocent wildlife
and occasionally each other.

Reason and season
mean nothing
to these demented murderers.

Total distortions of amendment two,
as misrepresented by gun lobbyists
and intimidated legislators,

have given these morons
to follow their bloodlust.

They’re out at all hours,
day and night,

probably because
their significant others
(if any are left)

have encouraged them
to absent themselves
from home and hearth
as much as possible.

One day
our progeny will look back
in disbelief and disgust
(as we now view the Holocaust)

and wonder

how could this have happened

right here
in our own
back yards?

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