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By John Cannon

In vast wilderness
you become


one tiny molecule
in an immense organism,

a snippet of DNA

absolutely irrelevant

to the throbbing pulse
of life and landscape
that totally surrounds you.

Denali John Cannon poetry

And then
you choose ―

to pull into your shell,
to set your edges,
to protect your fragile ego,

Denali John Cannon poetry


you let yourself open ―
slowly ―
like a delicate flower,

you let your pores expand,
your muscles relax,
your mind slow down;

you breathe,
you rest,
you wait quietly.

Denali John Cannon poetry

And then ―

your boundaries
seem to fade away,

you can feel yourself
with the timeless world around you,

and deep in your core,

your heart

begins to sing.

Photo by Sharon Fisher

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