Poetry By John CannonI don't have time
Poetry By John Cannon From All-Creatures Animal Rights and Inspirational Poetry Archive

I don't have time
By John Cannon

This small squirrel
by a speeding car,

he was so young,
so naive about roads,

just scampering
from woods to woods.

Well, heís just one of millions
smashed by us,

just a piece of roadkill debris
to be ground into the pavement.

I donít have time

to mourn for him,
to move him to a resting place,

I donít have time

to think about him
and all the others.

I have things I have to do
and places I have to be.

Then why
do I stay here,

do I make this soft shallow grave,

do I move him so gently,

are all these tears

pouring down my face?

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