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Poetry by Jenny Moxham

I Had a Dream

I had a dream the other night
A wondrous dream in fact.
I dreamed that all the mums rose up
And made a mothers pact.
A pact to free their “sisters”
On each farm across the nation,
To free them all from mans abuse
And heartless exploitation.

The mothers vowed to free each mother
Cow and sow and hen,
Whose precious babes are stolen from them,
Time and time again.
These mothers made a solemn pledge
That henceforth they’d abstain,
From buying eggs and meat and milk
Derived from mother’s pain.

They knew without the mums support
These industries would fold
For farms could not keep going
If their goods weren't being sold.
The mums were right, the farms closed down,
The heartless exploitation,
Became a distant memory
Henceforth across the nation.

Animal mothers

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