HANG ON THE WALLM. Linda Steffey
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Bless this Christmas, the Animals
Whose heads hang on some wall
The toenails taken from the Bear
And gallbladder for the gall!
For wounds from all the arrows
Shot into one poor Deer
Yet that doesn't kill him outright
And he suffers in pain, in fear!
The skins and hides all hanging
Trappers think they look real neat
And foot stools made for resting
Made from slaughtered elephant feet!
Antlers, horns tied to trucks
And nailed to barns and walls
From Rhino, Deer, Elk, Caribou
The small ones and the tall...
I hear these mighty hunters talk
Laughing over lunch
About how many shots it took
And think them a "nasty bunch"!
With no Respect for anything
That lives and breathes the Air
They Love to shoot and Kill them all
For them...they do not care!
They go off to their churches
And bow their heads and pray
But pray just for their miserable kind
The only prayers they say.....
Their Love has huge conditions
Feel no remorse for their deed
Don't even bring home their kill
Nor upon it do they feed!!
And Christmas a Christian Holiday
And they all think they're grand
For feeling superior to their Brother
And boast and make their stand
Yet slaughter living, breathing things
That do not harm or spoil...
The Air, Rivers or Living Earth
The Heart of Mother's Soil!
(c)  M. Linda Steffey  2012

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