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Every Vegan Shines
We are star Light
Eliminating the Dark
In homo sapiens' Minds
Since time Unknown
We changed our Path
Harmonious is the Way
Live in peace with All
Yet to some Species
In Most ancient Times
We were the Feast
At war with the Beast
To defend our Kind
We emerged Conquerors
Yes on this World
We don the Crown
But now we Behave
Like a beast Ourselves
As them we now Feast
Yet these Creatures
Were never our Enemy
Superiority carried Away
Power breeds Arrogance
Slaughter who we Please
To become taker of All
The worst animal are We
Born with Understanding
To rise and stand above All
Unlike the animals we Have
The capacity to love Each
Extend to those that Breathe
Compassion we have Within
To touch all in that Way
This world is our Throne
Rule it with velvet Glove
Show to the sacred Love
All born deserve that Right
Live breathe and Enjoy
Open your mind's Eye
They have same Need
Just as we cry and Bleed
At one time in Womb
All had tail and Gill
Most advanced are We
Same origin is our Home
Chain of life we all Be
3.5 billions years Old
All creatures same Family
Brothers and Sisters
All of us we truly Be
Open eyes find Truth
We have grown Beyond
No longer must we Indulge
Slaughter not to eat Innocent
There is enough for All
No creature need to Bleed
The food of the Earth
Is all we truly Need
Feed all our Children
None shall Starve
Animals not be Killed
But for greed we Do
Feed most Resources
To manufacture Meat
Feed that grain to Humans
Starvation would go Away
Yet feed to the Animals
Famine is here to Stay
Violence will Perpetuate
For without dead Meat
Gentler to each Other
Would we Manifest
Slaughter cannot Be
Common and Accepted
In any Civilization
Education is Truth
To mislead Offspring
Is the ultimate Sin
Only in self Defence
With great Regret
Can we kill Anything
We can never Teach
To our Children
We have a right to Kill
To take any Life
We become Blind
Rape and Murder
Our own and every Kind
No respect for Animals
Lack dignity for Man
Peace on Earth Means
Peace for All
Great and Mighty
Humble and Small

~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 06/15/13

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