Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

Hush, little addict

The truth is blurred
Farmers ainít uttered an honest word
When it comes to killing, your apathyís preferred
So, so very sensitive addict
Meat was a lie, and you got tricked
Now, you just have to have it
Vegans present the truth, oh conflict
Your weak mind just will not click
Metaphors spoken so rhythmic
Keeping the washed brains calmness
The big ag gimmick
Counting on you to mimic
Calling it food, when itís horrific
As per usual, humdrum secure
Cruelty free, you abjure
Theyíre killed humanely, you assure
Activists show truth, so you self assure
Ham eating tough guy
Bacon raving wise guy
Piglets screaming? Pork pie!
Brainwashed by the meat lullaby
Indoctrinated to chew a dead thigh
Turning your empty blind eye
Corpse parts pumped with color dye
Less like a lion, more like a black fly
Dead pig flesh slices to put between rye
Oh, the meat lullaby

©Heidi Coon, 2022

farmed Pig

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