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In the wake...
By John Cannon

we weep and wail,
gnash our teeth,
spew out a zillion words

from anguish through rage to resignation

as we sit by


thousands upon thousands ―
young and old
friends and neighbors
loved ones and strangers
innocents and guilties

brutalized, maimed, murdered,

gunned down

in our homes, schools, streets and
everywhere around the world.

And year after tragic year

we focus on all the tangential issues,

we wait, debate, procrastinate,
accommodate, attenuate,

refusing to face the naked truth,

refusing to acknowledge that we have
created, or passively accepted,

a world culture where violence is glorified,

a world culture where tools of violence
are readily available
to anyone and everyone,

to rise up, en masse, against the power
of money, politics, self-interest and greed

to rid our world

of the terrible instruments

of death.

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