Poetry By John CannonA Jolt of Glory
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A Jolt of Glory
By John Cannon

Gloomy overcast,
rain just hovering on the edges,
charcoal storm clouds
slowly moving south;

A front passing through,
cooling our parched hillsides.

Two lean young does
browsing in our upper field,
munching long grass voraciously,
almost frantic in their feeding;

And then, a sudden jolt of glory:
trailing behind the does,
two tiny, gangly fawns;
so small, yet so full of life,

Mimicking their moms:
chomping grass,
giant ears scanning,
little tails flicking off flies;

They even freeze and stomp their tiny feet
when they see the old woodchuck
slowly mowing his swath
through the sweet clover;

So young,
yet somehow
already so complete.

Oh to hold them
for just a moment;
to feel their racing hearts,

The vibrancy
of these wondrous
new lives.

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