Jhc Tabucur LyretteLife is the Crown Of the Universe: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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I'm a Cosmic Vegan
From the Milky Way
To chill on this World
For awhile I will Stay
And what can I Say
To teach you All
Paradise is Here
For all life to Play
Never Slaughter
Thou shall not Kill
Harmony is Truth
The ultimate Way
Refrain from Flesh
Embrace not Death
Meat not Touch
Repel from my Bread
Violence is the Recipe
Of the murdered Dead
Your palate is Sick
Like vulture you Maintain
Spirit never Penetrate
How can you Conduct
Contemplate horrific Way
Your mind is Soiled
Like muddy Water
Control the Agitation
You have Within
To extinguish Life
Universal great Sin
Only in Stillness
Be Clarification
Weened from Breast
No need Lactation
Only our Creature
Believe there is Need
Satiate our Greed
For milk and Meat
Consumed Selfishly
Seduced by Blood
Passionately we Kill
Forget the Spirit
That manifests Within
Carnism is Blind
To ignore the Life
All creatures Deserve
Live without Strife
Never Subjected
Or bled by Knife
Each has a Right
Enjoy and Survive
Eyes must be Open
Or stumble as Blind
The living Dead
Of though of Mind
Embrace Compassion
Enhance Kindness
For all need Love
Each Magnificent
None Insignificant
Every Creature
Unanimous Born
13.7 Billion Years
Our cosmic Throne
Graciously we Roam
Look into their Eyes
For beyond the Beast
There is light Within
To extinguish That
Annihilate your Own
Rob our Children
Teach murder's Way
In all that Blood
Rivers we Spill
Do we truly Bathe
We make that Breathe
Slave until dying Day
Tears run from Eyes
Each and every Way
Deaf to their Screams
You have lost the Path
Trip on your own Feet
Vegans follow Cosmic
Knowledge of Luminescence
Dispel the dark of Mind
We illuminate the Way
All shall live and Play
So each may Breathe
In their special Place
Earth is our Home
All born to run Free
And roam as they Be
Free as we are Born
Under the vast Sun
Our celestial Brother
Why deny life to Others
All cry and bleed as We
Eliminate all the Pain
Animals and Man
Experience the Same
You ruined Paradise
None yourself but Blame
In killing others What
What do we truly Gain
Reap foolish Ignorance
Is that our Fame
Live in the Darkness
Shy of the true Light
That's why all and Every
Creature runs fast Away
For your blood Lust
Is the most of All
Intensely Insane
You bathe in Blood
More than Carnal
Is your Thirst
Life is the Crown
Of the Universe
 ~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 06/28/13 

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