Poetry By John CannonLovers at Dusk
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Lovers at Dusk
By John Cannon

He swoops in from downriver
and perches near the nest;

She is a ways upstream
scanning the shallows.

He settles, preens, and when he sees her,
he tips his head way back
and gives the long eerie contact call.

A thousand ring-necked ducks
flutter and move nervously,
all attuned to the white-headed eagle.

But she doesn’t even turn her head,
supper is her priority.

Later, she glides in slow
and perches in the nest tree;

He comes to her, they move in close,
they touch beaks.

Dusk falls and the two dark silhouettes
with still-white heads
fade into one dark mass;

Geese land,
ducks settle,
herons squawk.

Soon only gentle sounds pervade;

a soul-piercing unity call, as the eagles bless the night.

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