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Mohandas and Martin
By John Cannon

They lived
on opposite sides of the world.

One was tiny, gentle, filled with inner strength;
One was imposing, forceful, a mighty voice.

They died
together in spirit,

Targets of cowards’ bullets
that could not quell their message.

Not victims, but conquering Heroes!

Two moral titans
with razor-sharp vision:

An unwavering stance for peace and justice,
An unbreakable pledge to non-violence.

Moving millions;
Pushing the tide of history.

Shining ―
through the murky crowd
of superficial do-gooders

Beacons ―
sent to guide us home.

This poem, I’m sure, was inspired by my mother and the influence these two giants had upon her life, and the influence she had and has on my life and so many other lives.

My Mother...

  • Was born in India during the era of Colonial rule.
  • Grew up during one world war.
  • Matured during a depression and another world war.
  • Saw her brother go to jail for refusing to kill others.
  • Blossomed as a peace and human rights activist throughout her long and giving life.

May the beacons of light, and life, and love shine on.

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