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Ode to a Prince
By John Cannon

You have become
a leader now,

just like your Dad.

In fact you have
been dominant enough

to convince him
to hand over the reigns
to the summer palace,

and he has headed south
to take charge once more
of the winter kingdom.

You will rule here
as the chosen one
for a few more weeks,

and then begin
the perilous journey

more than
two thousand miles
over land and sea

facing the challenges
of rough weather
and places you
have never seen before

So we offer you
all our best wishes
and many thanks for all
the joy you have given us,

for your spunk and
feisty aerobatics,

and we hope and pray
you will return safely
next year

to mate and breed and
light up our lives

once again.

Hummingbird - Image by Sharon Fisher

Hummingbird - Image by Sharon Fisher

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