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Once Again
By John Cannon

The signs are there
of course
in fall and winter,

the animals already
preparing for
next yearís young,

the tightly-wrapped buds
waiting with a silent patience
we simply donít possess,

but each year ―
always, always ―

I am startled
by the rush,
the explosion

of Spring.

Each morning
the world has changed
so dramatically,

brand-new leaves
have unfurled,

new migrant birds
have arrived
in the night,

the fragrances
are richer,

more poignant,
than they were
just yesterday.

Once again
rejuvenation reigns

and with it comes
a deep-seated
resurgence of



blood root

Blood Root Bud - image by Sharon Fisher

cedar waxwing

Cedar Waxwing - image by Sharon Fisher

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