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Perfection in the Imperfect

Have you ever looked at the patterns on the back of a turtle shell?
How about our skin cells under a high powered microscope?
Imperfect pieces with a very perfect purpose.
This can give us hope.
Have you ever felt like you were useless?
Beaten down, exhausted, or abused?
Perhaps your life has been thrown upside down,
Youíve made mistakes that just cannot be excused.
Your heart is weary and your eyes are teary.
Your soul has reached rock bottom.
But remember the fact there is now solid ground beneath your feet.
Itís only up from here. Itís your turn to blossom.
Although life can certainly throw us curve balls
And place unwanted obstacles in our path.
We are bigger than the sum of our problems.
No doubt, God will overcome Satanís wrath.
We must choose to face the day with a smile
Persistence and optimism are a must.
We should hold tight to the ones that support us
And in God almighty, we must place all of our trust.
Although He wonít take our problems away
He will hold our hand and see us through.
For it is by His grace and unending love that
Our sins are washed clean and weíre born anew.
Let your story be an inspiration to others.
Encouragement to those in similar situations.
For we have the tools to overcome any challenge.
Let your own accounts stand as an affirmation.
Together we can form a community,
One that spreads love, hope, and support.
A group of people, whose voices unite,
Who wonít allow you to sell yourself short.
Each of us is imperfect.
Full of scars, blemishes, and flaws.
But together we can create a perfect group
That unites to bring light to a critical cause.

© Shenita Etwaroo

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