Jhc Tabucur LyrettePerpetual Unending Slave: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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Consciousness Clean
Within spirit is Free
None to be Killed
To feed our Need
Sacred is all Life
Not one shall Bleed
The Earth Provides
The blood is Green
Chlorophyll is the Key
Hemoglobin Never
Shall we cause To
Cascade and Flow
For only evil Comes
From infernal Deed
Slaughter and Slay
When there is no Need
Only selfish Greed
To kill for Meat
Rape the Humble
Destroy the Meek
How brave are We
Cowards Forsake
True Enlightenment
For rotting Meat
All are born Great
No one life Shall
Or should we Take
Only sacrilege Is
Left in our Wake
Every life Has
Its rightful Place
Each with Breath
Deserves our Grace
Compassion is Never
A waste of Power
The more you use It
Stronger and Stronger
Moment by Moment
It grows with Force
Unceasing is its Flow
To heal and Soothe
All pains and Woes
Creatures need Love
Our children they Be
Radiate and Sparkle
Like the Glorious
Heavens that Hold
The stars Above
Deep in animal Eye
Sacred light Shine
So rare and Fine
Like Aurora Borealis
Chasing the Night
Illuminating the Mind
All shine Immaculate
To kill and take Life
Returns us So
A primitive State
Perpetual night of Mind
As if we lost our Sight
Reaching out Blind
Hide from true Light
Steal our birth Right
Animals and Man
Born royal and Grand
Progeny of the Universe
But lust and Passion
For blood and Meat
Death you Satiate
Murder is Procured
On your dinner Plate
Before you Feast
Salivate like Beast
Hunger for dead Meat
And to teach Children
This is the cycle of Life
That animals must Die
So we can Survive
Such a monstrous Lie
Deep tear comes to Eye
To see infants Chewing
On the slaughtered Dead
Nauseates my Mind
Their parents Truly
Lack vision and Sight
Perpetuate Deception
Their ancestor Told
Our grand Superiority
That we have Right
To Murder and Kill
Any and all we Delight
Fools lost in the Night
Believe that Animals
Born for your Need
Insatiable your Greed
Evilness is that Seed
Neglect their Rights
We defend Ourselves
How selfish are We
No remorse you Feel
To those who Bleed
Deaf to their Cries
Ignore their Needs
Some enjoy Screams
Humans who not See
Reality is Paradise
But for Animals
Born for Food
Skinned for Fur
With sharp Knife
Dispense their Life
Steal their Right
If I was Cow or Pig
Or any farmed Animal
I would rather You
Annihilate my Kind
For without Freedom
What is left of Life
Bred to be Butchered
Sired for chopping Block
Preferable is Death
Than your Perpetual
Unending Slave

~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 07/08/13

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