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The Purest Love

I wake up bright and early
to greet my mom.
I wag my tail and lick her hand
to show her she is loved.
While she eats breakfast
I sit on the floor
smiling at her
from beside her feet.
She pats me on the head,
and I wag my tail faster
reverberating with love
for my mom.
When she leaves for work,
I watch out the window,
watching for her car,
waiting for her return.
When she comes home
I overflow with joy
I am so excited
to spend time with my mom
I run to the door,
tail wagging.
As she enters I jump up
excited to show her I love her
She took me outside to play,
a guy shouted at me.
Then suddenly I feel the pain
as I fall down to the ground.
I do not understand this pain
or what I have done wrong.
I do not know why
my love has earned me pain.

Shenita Etwaroo

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