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Embrace The Dark
Begone with the Night
Hold true to the Light
Shine as a Star Bright
Forever you will Never
Be without Luminescence
That expels the Dark
All Life is Sacred
Open your Eyes
Step out of the Dark
Paradise this can Be
A Heaven for Gods
For that is What
We Truly Be
But if we Continue
Only Animals Shall
We Breed
Belittle our Seed
Out of all we Are
The Master Breed
To ensure That
All Live and Breath
True Gods are What
We truly Be
Cosmic Lords we Are
Spawn of the Universe
We and the Animals
Share that Birth
But we all Are
A brief Ripple
Through the Universe
So value all For
Celestial Worth
This is our Playground
For Animal and Man
Is that so F***ing
Hard to Understand
Or have Homo Sapiens
Evolved to be Blind
To the Truth
Is that Destiny of Man
Act like Animals
When we were Born
So Grand
How far have we fallen
To be as a beast So
We need to Reflect
Face ourself in the Mirror
So all can Understand
Yes we are above the Animal
That is what makes Veganism
Enlightened and Spectacular
We are the Caretakers of All
That creepeth upon the Earth
Live and let Live
Is all not Magnificent
Every Animal is Unique
As every Star in the Sky
All radiate and Sparkle
Their Cosmic Light
Beautiful what we See
In all Directions
This Planet is a Gem
In our lonely Corner
Of this Universe
Noble and Royal
Is our Birth
It's unfortunate for All
That Breathe and Enjoy
We have forgotten
Who we truly Are
So all must Die
At our Knees
Throats Slashed
As we Steal
The Singularity Spark
For every breed on Earth
We spread the Darkness
Destroy the Light
Thrust ourselves Into
The forever Night
Where there is no Light
The pinnacle of Creation
We have become Fools
And Idiots
Ignore our birth Right
Massive Slavery
And Destruction
We extinguish Sacred
Cosmic Light
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 04/25/13

jhc Tabucur Lyrette poetry sacred

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