Andrew PellSuch Cruelty to Animals
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Such Cruelty to Animals
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Go Veg, Go Green

Why would you eat a face that looks at you.
These perplexing words are very true.
Eating a Cow or calf for beef.
Causes the animal drawn out suffering and grief.
Imagine a face that looks at you before it is killed.
Simply so our stomachs can be filled.
Where is the morality in this pursuit?
Yet they are murdered and the headlines are mute.
The animals suffer and have so much to fear.
Yet we as humans donít even shed a tear.
Animal food is not the answer.
It is a modern day cancer.
Is anyone concerned of there long suffering?
It is the actual death that is lingering.
Unfortunately this practice is not renegaded to history.
The animals are still placed under this misery.

© Andrew Pell 22/12/2013

Andrew Pell poetry cruelty go veg pig
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