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Then and Now
By John Cannon

At the core
of our human DNA
lies a potent nugget
of self-centeredness.

It was completely
functional, adaptive,
crucial for our emergence
as a species,

a slow-moving biped,
outnumbered, outrun
outmaneuvered by agile,
tough quadrupeds

eager and able
to make a meal of us.

that nugget
of self-centeredness,

(still thriving
in our core)

has become

in a world dominated
and overpopulated
by human beings.

That powerful
nugget of DNA

fuels fear, competition,
aggression and
their evil offspring

suspicion, prejudice,

and hatred.

We are all caught up ―

We are all
in the midst
of an intense

the forces of fear,
and aggression
that allowed
our emergence

and the forces of hope,
and love

that will be needed
to ensure our future,

our very survival
as a species.

This worldwide struggle
is playing out
on the superficial stages

of national politics
and international relations,

but the real battle

and must be won

within the minds
and hearts and souls

of each and every
one of us. 

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