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We take what we Want
No remorse we Possess
Pleasure is a Blood Fest
Deny the Lives of Others
Hell we Massacre our Own
Nothing is Sacred
Where we Roam
Murdering and Killing
Is our Passion
Never be Complacent
Man needs War
To feel Triumphant
So he can Stand
On the bones of Others
His little egocentric Throne
As an insignificant Creature
In Defence of his decaying Meat
The eyes of his Mind are Small
So absolutely Blind is his Sight
Though he walks the Day
Thoughts harbour Darkness
While we bathe in the Light
For in our Minds it's always Day
We radiate Life
Chase the Darkness
Obscure it in brilliant Light
But small in number we Are
Our ranks grow Exponentially
Each and every Day
Like a Tsunami in Thought
We are the new Wave
No longer we be Slave
To your Generations of Lies
That is why in your Eyes
You find us with Contempt
And Despise
We have Broken
The chains you Laid
We rediscovered the Sacred Way
The Way of Nature
The Way of Life
For all shall be Born
Free from your Knife
The Humans that impose That
What value do you Ascribe
To your own Life
To think Animals think Less
Is to wear the Crown
Of the Fool
Your Dominion is Over
We follow the Golden Rule
Seek not the way of Parasite
Symbiotically Harmonious
Is to Lead yet not Rule
All born are One Family
We have no Right to take Life
In Lands of peace no Weapons
No War no Slaughter
Only then will we be Free
We will have Relinquished
The Disease
Create our own Eden
Where all can Live
Experience the Greatness
Of our Universe
For we are all Children
Of Cosmic Birth
But to the Masses
It's an Ancient Story
Never Heard
So many Generations
They could not Comprehend
The true value of Birth
Human and Animal
Sired from Star Dust
That is the Fabric
Of the Universe
The result Of
Super Nova Burst
The finest point in Creation
Life is the Greatest Product
Of Celestial Manifestation
This and this Earth
And all that Dwell
Are expressions Of
Solar Wind and Cosmic Birth
So let it be Known
All born have Spirits Grand
Within all the most Sacred Light
Throughout the Cosmos
You hear the same Sound
Hold fast and quite Forever
For gently and lightly in Ears
Its echo will Resound
Till the end of Time
When Matter is no More
Then all shall be Reborn
Throughout the Universe
Life is the Norm
No one can Stop
This Cosmic Storm

~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 04/26/13

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