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Your core Values
Have been Corrupted
5 thousand years of Lies
Have been Taught
To your Mind
You feel you Have
The moral Right
In all you Do
To kill and Take
Sacred Life
Causes no Guilt
In you so Blind
Your parents Left
A disease in You
I hear it so Often
But it's Tradition
Since Childhood
We eat Meat
It's our Way
It's all we Know
To kill and Consume
Animals even Thou
They have Done
Nothing to You
Innocent and Defenceless
They even trust You
They should hate You
Yet they do Not
They are better than You
How can you feel Proud
In what you Do
Evil is your Kind
In my mind's Eye
None so Blind
Spread the Lies
To your Children
When it comes To
Intellect you Have
A bastardized Mind 
I despise your Kind
I'm here to Disseminate
The cosmic Truth
Not to Perpetuate
Your mindless Lies
Poison Children
So like you They
Are ignorant To
Animals' Cries
Dead to Compassion
Pray to your Gods
Keep asking for Peace
While you Slaughter
Innocent Beasts
You are a Disease 
Bathed in sin Is
All you have Within
Disgusts me to Be 
A member of your Kind
I consume Only
Plants of Earth
And fermented Grapes
I like barley Brew
You ingest Horrid
Animal blood Wine
Feast on the Dead
Like a Maggot
You crawl in Flesh
You find Decay
And Death Delicious 
You wish for Heaven
But to all born Only
Hell do you Give
Is that How
We should Live 
No heart Within 
Yet I'm not Surprised
You kill your own Kind 
Exploit the Poor 
So you can be Rich 
Fatten up Animals
So you can Feed 
While children Starve
And have Nothing 
To eat and Survive
No respect for Others 
Neglect their Right
To a decent Life 
How can you Look
In the mirror of Life 
How can You
Ignore the Knife 
See the blood Of
Those you Kill 
Hear the Screams
Look in their Eyes 
You make me Sick 
In the way you Dine 
No Compassion
From this World 
To the Next
I curse your Kind 
Ashamed I am To 
Be a part of your Kind 
Your stench is Evil 
Cranial fetish For 
Dead rotting Flesh 
No Compassion
Do you Possess 
Selfish and Blind 
Retarded Consciousness 
Manifests in your Mind 
You will never Last 
Be ready to Suffer
Crimes of your Past 
After this Life
You will pay For 
Your hateful Ways 
The Lords of Light 
Will have our Laugh 
Bring your Extinction 
By your own Hand 
You can change That 
Let all Live and Breathe
Show some Heart
Be a friend to Life 
Animals and Man
Same one Family 
Not hard to Understand 
Cosmic born They 
And us truly Be
Spilling Blood 
Is not a Must 
All should view It 
With the Ultimate 
Of all Disgusts 
But bred in You 
Is the blood Lust 
Pleasure you Find 
In their Pain 
In their Flesh 
What a Mess 
I Hate You 
To my Core 
Ignorant And 
Forever More
You are the Evil 
Deadly Spore 
Innocent And
Those you Kill 
How much Blood 
Do you really Need 
How deep is Your Greed 
When they Go 
What will be your Feed 
Consume your Own 
Devour your Seed 
For that is the Way 
Of the Carnivore 
This World
Was Heaven 
Because of You 
It is Heaven no More
You have Turned 
Paradise into Hell

~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 06/13/13

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