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This Quotations Archive contains words from famous and some not so famous people who have expressed a sense of love, compassion, and respect for all of God's creation: for people, for animals, and for the environment. They speak of our teaching methods and philosophy. They speak of a lifestyle of non-violence. They seek to eliminate cruelty and suffering. They seek to wake us up. They seek to give us hope.

Weeds by Mary T. Hoffman

James Cameron
Canadian film director, producer, screenwriter, deep-sea explorer
(1954 - )

“I’ve had an epiphany recently,” Cameron continued. “I want to challenge all of you as people of deep conscience, people who are environment stewards of the earth and oceans…By changing what you eat, you will change the entire contract between the human species and the nature world.” Cameron revealed he went vegan a year ago, and urged everyone at the gala to read up and do the same. “I felt like I was waking up from a long sleepwalk. I believe we are all sleepwalking off a cliff if we don’t do this.”

National Geographic Gala presentation, June 2013

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