Carob Banana CocoaCarob Banana Cocoa
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Carob Banana Cocoa
Ingredients for two cups:
2 heaping Tbsp. Carob powder.
tsp. Cornstarch (optional for thicker cocoa)
12-16 oz. Water
1 ripe Banana
Stevia or other sweetener (Optional)

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Carob banana cocoa is a delicious hot and thick vegan recipe treat that's great with breakfast or anytime on a cold day.

A cup of hot Carob "Cocoa" is quite a nice treat, especially for those who are trying to avoid eating chocolate and dairy. It is thick and "creamy". And since Carob is much sweeter than Cocoa, you may not need to add any sweetener; by itself, it tastes like bittersweet chocolate. In fact, since we started making it, we prefer it to trying to make the traditional cocoa without milk.

Place in a blender: the carob powder, cornstarch, banana and 1cup of water, cover, and run at high speed until the contents are smooth. Wash out the blender with additional water, if necessary, to bring the total volume to 2 cups.

Heat the ingredients, stirring occasionally, and serve.


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