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Pita Bread Stuffed with Tex-Mex Beans

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Pita Bread Stuffed with Tex-Mex Beans

1 Ingredients 2

Pita Bread Stuffed with Tex-Mex Beans Whole Wheat Pita
Pinto Beans - Tex-Mex Style
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Pita Bread Stuffed with Tex-Mex Beans

3 Preparation 4

These pita pocket sandwiches make a quick and great lunch or dinner when served with a salad and/or soup. The whole grain pita bread can be either store bought or home made before hand.

Follow the instruction for making the Pinto Beans - Tex-Mex Style, or use a combination of beans in the recipe. They can be either cooked dried beans or drained canned beans.

Cut the pita pocket bread in half, and fill each half with the tex-mex beans.

Serve and Enjoy!

5 Ingredients Information 6

Pinto Beans - Tex-Mex
Pinto Beans - Tex-Mex Style
Whole Wheat Pita
Whole Wheat Flat Bread and Pita

7 Utensils and Equipment Information 8