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Soup - Pumpkin (Quick Method)

1 - 29-oz. can Pumpkin
2-3 cups Apple Juice
2-3 tsp. Curry Powder
1 tsp. Cinnamon, ground
Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper Sauce, to taste

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Soup - Pumpkin (quick method) is a wonderful vegan thanksliving soup or appetizer for your traditional holiday meal.

Open the can of Pumpkin.  Place all of the ingredients in the container of your blender and run at high speed until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and smooth.  To begin, we suggest using only 2 cups of apple juice and 2 tsp. of curry powder, and no pepper.

If you have a small blender, split the pumpkin and apple juice into two batches. 

If the blended mixture is too thick, add the rest of the apple juice.

Pour the pumpkin soup mix into a large covered baking dish (for cooking in a microwave oven), or in a pot (for cooking on the stove top).  Taste the soup.  Different blends of curry powder have differing strengths.  If desired, add additional curry powder and some pepper to taste.  Heat until hot.  If heating on the stove top, use low heat and stir frequently.

Serve and enjoy!

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