Vegetable Platter (Raw) and DipVegetable Platter (Raw) and Dip
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Vegetable Platter (Raw) and Dip
The Dip in this photo in Hummus. (click on the link for the recipe)

The raw Veggies on the platter are:
Bell Peppers

We often add other raw veggies such as:
String Beans

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Vegetable platter (raw) and dip with hummus or any other dip makes a wonderful appetizer, party platter or for any gathering of family and friends. Depending on what you put on the veggie platter, the preparation time will probably be about 20 minutes, excluding making the dip, which would take another 15 minutes.

Wash and clean the vegetables and peel the carrots; cut off the stem and flower ends and remove the seeds from bell peppers. Cut the broccoli and cauliflower into florets, and other veggies into strips.

Place the dip bowl or container in the center of the platter and arrange the cut vegetables around the platter.

Serve and Enjoy.

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