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The Cows Sensed Her Father was Dying

From Irene Zundel
January 2023

I had an elderly friend whose father was a coal miner in rural Pennsylvania. He always put in a garden and kept a few cows to keep his family fed.

Dad was the only one to make the daily trek to the barn and care for the cattle. They always stayed in the middle of the pasture. Except for one memorable day and only on that day.

Mary’s dad told her he was exhausted and went upstairs to take a nap. A few minutes later there was a racket at the fence line. All the cows were lined up, facing the bedroom window and mooing like crazy.

Mary climbed the steps to ask her dad if he remembered to feed the cows. When she opened the bedroom door, she found her father taking his last mortal breath.

She closed his eyes and covered his face with a sheet. She looked out the window and saw the cows had fallen silent and were heading back to the barn.

Mary and I both think the cows sensed her father was dying and came to the fence to say goodbye. Perhaps they we’re singing "Happy Trails to Moo Until we meet again..."

I am so grateful to be vegan for 22 years now. Clearly animals are deeply emotional and sensitive. They deserve to live and to be treated kindly.

I love your website and your All-Creatures sermons.

Thanks for all you do.

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