Celebrating Respect for Cow Day With the 'Domino Effect'
A Sentience Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary
July 2021

In my heart, I felt like Domino was telling me - "Tito’s going to be okay. I will take care of him. He will be fine."

Cow Domino
Inside Domino's strong physical presence lies a scared, sensitive, and caring being.

"Skin draped over bones." That was Domino when he arrived at Luvin Arms.

If you look at his horns, they possibly may have been broken off.

Dehorning is extremely painful and beyond frightening for cows. Not only was Domino starved to death, but I have always felt in my heart he went through more pain and suffering than we can ever imagine.

Domino has risen from the depths of starving despair to a life of love, attention, and care. Indeed he has come a long way.

From skin and bones to become the 'Majestic Master' of the field, look at Domino now!

I had a deeply touching experience with Domino the day after Leroy, one of our beloved cows died.

Leroy and Tito were constantly together; they were best friends. When Leroy died, you could feel Tito’s heart was hurting. He would sit at the barn all day mourning; they all did actually. They grieved the loss of their friend and kept vigil by the barn for over a month.

I wanted to spend time with the cows after Leroy's death, to comfort them and seek comfort myself. I sat down next to Tito, talking to him about our friend, Leroy.

Domino was sitting at a distance.

Suddenly Domino got up and walked over to Tito and me. Because Domino is so big, I backed up behind Tito to give him space.

Domino came over and started comforting and kissing Tito, licking him on the face.

Tito Domino

In my heart, I felt like Domino was telling me - Tito’s going to be okay. I will take care of him. He will be fine.

Watching them, feeling their shared grief and love made me cry.

Cows are compassionate and caring beings. Just because they don't speak words doesn't mean they are not communicating.

Domino's transformation has taken years of compassionate care. And it couldn't have been possible without the support of incredible people like you.

We want to continue giving the highest level of care and attention to Domino and all our residents, and we need your help!

Your contribution will help us bring the right kind of medical care, enrichment programs, and a healthy diet to Domino and his friends.

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