Marvelous Mongo!
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FROM Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
December 2021

He was an old turkey and his eyesight was waning as he entered his later years. But these were happy times for Mongo.

Turkey Mongo

In the still dark moments of the morning, Mongo stretched out his neck and slowly opened his eyes. It was early yet on this Tuesday but lately, time meant little to him. He was an old turkey and his eyesight was waning as he entered his later years. But these were happy times for Mongo. He’d been at Indraloka for nearly a year and it felt like home now. But with winter approaching, he wasn’t sure what to expect. In his last home, he didn’t have an indoor space to keep warm.

He and his girls, Dahlia and Magnolia, wandered their yard freely but were always left out in the elements. Magnolia was gone now—she transitioned on just a few months ago. He missed her terribly but his new friends in Mojo’s Bird Village kept him company and reminded him that there was a lot left to live for. Just then, the door to his stall opened, letting in the first rays of the morning sun.

Mornings were a busy time at Indraloka—but also some of the best times. Breakfast! Everyone in the village was waking up as the caregivers called to them to wake up and greet the morning! The squawking and crowing started immediately as everyone seemed to wake at once, ready for their meal. It was delicious for sure, but nothing like his very best meal at Indraloka.

Mongo had recently experienced his first ThanksLiving! What a joy that day was! He’d heard about it from Patricia and Sophie, the other turkeys. It seemed so strange he could hardly believe it. But it really was something special! A whole feast—just for the birds! And oh so many human children! Mongo puffed up his chest just remembering that glorious day!

“What are you so happy about?” Myrna, one of the roosters, wondered aloud.

“Oh, just thinking about that amazing feast we had a few weeks ago. You remember? ThanksLiving?”

“Oh, sure! That’s always a great day. This was my 4th one!”

“Really?” Mongo wondered.

“Yep. All of those kids seem to get a kick out of my shoe. Ha! Get it? Kick!”

Mongo rolled his eyes. Myrna wore one shoe on his foot. It helped him walk better. He was the only bird with a shoe and it always got him lots of attention. Mongo wasn’t crazy about letting other birds have attention. After all, he was surely the most beautiful bird in the village! Well, except maybe for those self-absorbed peacocks. No sooner had he thought those words than Sir Lancelot pranced by. His tail feathers were all spread out and shaking. Who was he showing off for? 

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